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First Impressions - Divine Worship: Daily Office (Commonwealth Edition)

Simply superb. First Impressions At long last, my Divine Worship: Daily Office (Commonwealth Edition) (DW:DO:CE) preorders have arrived! By a quite happy coincidence they showed up on the patronal feast of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. I have to say, I am extremely impressed with what the UK and Australian ordinariates have produced together with Catholic Truth Society. DW:DO:CE seems to be a fantastic office book that borrows some of the best of classical Anglican liturgies, and does so without crudely shoehorning traditional Anglican prayers onto contemporary forms. It may not be a Book of Common Prayer (BCP), but it’s a great prayer book! I’ll write a comprehensive review of DW:DO:CE after I’ve consistently used the book for prayer for a month or two. (There’s not much bad to say about it, so I expect the review will end up being a single, albeit lengthy, post.) Until then, here are my initial impressions of what is easily the finest family-friendly, Catholic prayer bo