Preorders now open for Divine Worship: Daily Office (Commonwealth Edition)

Image © Catholic Truth Society

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you an announcement of great joy:

Divine Worship: Daily Office (Commonwealth Edition) is now available for preorder!

It is undeniable that Catholic Truth Society does excellent work. Personal misgivings aside (I’m no fan of the RSV-2CE), I expect this to be a thoroughly-edited, well-made prayer book free of any major problems. Sign up for their newsletter to receive 10% off and place your preorder today.


  1. Will you be reviewing this one for us? Thanks for your work on this blog so far

    1. Yes, I'll be reviewing DW:DO:CE (I wish these titles weren't so long and unwieldy!) in a month or two. Mine should arrive in the next day or so, and I'd like to pray with it consistently for awhile before writing a detailed review. From what I've seen so far (lots of photos on Twitter and in Ordinariate Facebook groups), it's a very-well-thought-out office book that fits squarely within the classical Anglican tradition.

  2. Could you please include a recommendation of a pointed psalter (ideally with chants) for chanting the DW:DO to Anglican Chant? It would be nice if, as far as possible, we all standardised on the same pointing. There are too many different pointings for the Coverdale psalms available.

    1. For Anglican chants, I'm partial to The Cathedral Psalter. There are several editions out there, and my copy is fairly old - I'm not sure if it's substantially the same as the versions available for purchase today. But I see no need to standardize on pointing. Very few Anglican chants are composed for a specific psalm; the great thing about them is that virtually any psalm can be pointed to be sung with just about any chant.


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