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Preorders now open for Divine Worship: Daily Office (Commonwealth Edition)

Image © Catholic Truth Society We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you an announcement of great joy: Divine Worship: Daily Office (Commonwealth Edition) is now available for preorder! It is undeniable that Catholic Truth Society does excellent work. Personal misgivings aside (I’m no fan of the RSV-2CE), I expect this to be a thoroughly-edited, well-made prayer book free of any major problems.  Sign up for their newsletter to receive 10% off and place your preorder today.

Review - Divine Worship: Daily Office (North American Edition) - Part III: The Major Hours

Preamble  · Part I  · Part II  · Part IV  ·  Part V With a Bible and this prayer book, you’ve got yourself an Ordinariate Evensong. Praying the daily offices from Divine Worship: Daily Office (North American Edition) (DW:DO:NAE) has not at all been an unpleasant experience, aside from the overly stiff binding, missing collects and frequent typos. That being said, there have been quite a few somewhat jarring moments thanks to what seems like a very scattered selection of source material—in one place something’s been taken from the American 1928 Book of Common Prayer (BCP), in another place it’s lifted directly from the 1979 BCP, and in yet another spot the stillborn 1928 English prayer book revision is blatantly (and, I believe, unnecessarily) pirated. It rather feels as though every well-known Anglican source was included in an attempt to please as many people as possible. However, after comparing DW:DO:NAE’s offices with a number of common BCP offices to figure out from whence came